Meet the Pastor

Meet The Pastor

Tangela N. Reese is the VisionaryFounder and Pastor of The Remnant International Christian Ministries of Newnan Georgia. She is a rare but an anointed Woman of Faith, who has been called, ordain and appointed by God at an early age to challenge the Body of Christ to Recover, Restore and Regain the Promises of God, through Consistent Prayer and Fasting and speaking the True unadulterated Doctrine of Jesus Christ. Pastor Reese passion for Christ and Desire is to help others develop a more deeper and intimate relationship with the Father.

Pastor Reese dedication and services to God has ordered her steps into serving for and under and various Ministries tutelage. At an young age being  prepared for the Journey of Purpose and Ministry. Tangela begins learning at an early age about the Prophetic Ministry through the teaching and guidance of  Late Apostle Overseer Randy D. & Anita Hall of the Sword the Lord International Ministries. Where She serves there many years as a Youth Leader, Youth Dancers, The Church Musician, Youth Intercessor and anything she could put her hands to. Also serving a sister branch every Second Saturday as Musician and Praise Leader at Second Sight Ministries of Newnan GA under Pastor Kimberly Gragston. She Begins her traveling, teaching and ministering at the tender age of 13yrs old, First Speaking Engagement at the Revelation Church of God under leadership Prophetess Lonnie Ruth Harper.

Later She served Shortly With Guiding Light Holiness Church under the Leadership of Late Prophetess Lanetta and Bishop David Rosser along with Serving and becoming an Active Member and Minister at The City of Zion Holiness Church under the care of Apostle Tilden L. & Co-Pastor Sharnetta Colton for a few years. Later eager and directed to the call to more, she fellowship and later begin Serving as an active Member at Unveiling Word Deliverance Ministry under the Leadership of Apostle’s Deborah and Wayne Sheppard, as the Church Intercessor, Youth Choir Director, Wall Watchmen and Church In House Prophet along with assisting as the one of the 3 Overseer Understudy on the Floor Ministry. Receiving Training in Deliverance ministry under Apostle Robert & Dixie Summers. Embarking as an Elder under PowerTeam House of Prayer Ministry at an Early age. Pastor Tangela later receive her Certificate of License as a Minister in office of a Prophet October 2013 later with in December 2014, she was Ordained as an Pastor walking in the Office of a Prophet, October 3, 2017  Ordain as a Prophet unto the Lord in Miami, Florida Under the Leadership of her mentor Apostle Ron Toliver as an Apostolic Leader and Pastor where she now Shepard’s the Hopeless, abandoned, neglect Chosen Remnant for this Hour at Remnant International Christian Ministries  along with being Senior Pastor at  Remnant International Christian Ministries in Ghana, Africa. Pastor Tangela was urged by the Holy ghost before the passing of her Spiritual Father Overseer Randy D. Hall in dream to go back and serve for a season at The Sword of the Lord International Ministries. For which it became a Spiritual Covering in time and season of transition, a place of Impartation and Wisdom from Overseer Roslyn Durham  and Apostle Betty C. Phillips of Griffin Sword Now Known As Truth Ministries International. With the permission, instruction and council of God led to entrust the teaching, Covering of Kingdom Living Ministries International under the Apostolic Authority of Apostle Dr. David Harrison along with her Pastoring and Leading the Remnant Ministries of Newnan & Ghana. Over the Course of years, Prophetess Tangela Has been gifted and equipped  exposed to the protocol and development of the Baptist, Prophetic, Holiness,Pentecostal,COGIC, Deliverance and Apostolic Ministries and while being a Midwife teaching, Imparting, Birthing others with Grace.

Pastor Reese ministry launched Internationally in 2018, endorsing her to Training and Speaking on Internationally Platforms and Building Global Teams while Conducting several Prophetic Conferences, Prayer Summits and Leadership Trainings and Development. She is a strategic Intercessor , Dynamic Counselor, Mentor and Life Coach to peers and Overseas Leaders. Her dedication to the Ministry of Prayer has broaden her opportunities as the Visionary of (IW!N) Global  Intercessory Network Connecting leaders on a Globally Level and also Anticipating her 1st Books of many. Pastor Reese is aiming to supersede and break the rules of Generational Limitation and bypass bloodline patterns by illuminating God”s name through the Ministry of Excellency and Integrity. She has been the Radio Host of 99.1fm The Voice of the Remnant Broadcast servicing locally, every Sunday Morning 10 am in which is scheduled to be Launched Internationally and Globally. Also sharing the Word of the Lord as Guest appearance on Preach the Word Worldwide Network, and a candidate for other upcoming Television opportunities and Market place ministry that God has grace and opened up to her.

Pastor Reese service and known accomplishments and affiliation are with  Hive Global LeadershipCoweta County Chambers Of Commerce Leadership , Ambassador OF GHANA (F.G.F.E), Women Intrim State Supervisor of Georgia District also serving on NAACPYoung Preachers AcademyYoung Professional Philanthropy Group,Clergy Council Association, also Servicing Metro Atlanta C.A.S.A, School System Volunteering Mentor program and many other nonprofit organizations that she choose to be a shadow in the background of Leadership and servant hood. Dr. Reese is a Certified Christian Counselor, Life Coach she holds an Associated of Arts in Leadership, B.A , and prestigious accomplishment in receiving her Doctorate. Pastor Tangela has been humble to allow God’s fingerprint to engrafted her ministry and her Life to be called a servant of God. She quotes ” I was chosen and Call into ministry by God and it comes with a cost to wear a mantle of Leadership. Many times I felt pressure to “GIVE UP” and Quit but at times I still found myself doing the Very thing I wanted to Abort in times of testing that I didn’t understand. In my wilderness, I later understood it was the Process to be chosen came with a Price of isolation, rejection, being misunderstood and Even threats of Death. Even at a Young age,I had no idea what God was doing but I had much faith then to obey what I heard and  I witnessed the Power of the Holy ghost, one night move through me to raise the dead by way of prayer with Witnesses to verify the Power of God. I witnessed a 4th stage cancer candidate go undetected never having any treatment or medication be heal through the Power of God and Prayer. I witness the Glory of God manifesting cause the Church to have a Acts Upper room  experience, through the Power of God Prophetically Singing and Ministering in Psalms on the Keyboard, causing many to be slain in the spirit, many that never spoken in tongues, healing to took place. God validated the call on her by her hearing the instructions of God like Samuel for her Life but not fully understanding she answered. Life would try to alter Gods plan.  I could never realize or grasp I was worthy because of my life choices through Life of Sin, rebellion and Pain, rejection, mocking and ridicule by believers, being overlooked, secretly acknowledged but publicly denied access, abandoned and mishandled, uncovered by leadership that God would still use me but in the End the Lord trained me, set me aside to himself and Clothe me as the Prodigal Son and Wiped away My shame through his Grace and Mercy…I believe God is not done with me yet my leader taught me to remain teachable and humble that I believe eyes have not seen nor have ears heard what God has in store for those that Love him. My Best is yet to come because God is so Unpredictable but yet amazing. I believe that God is now answering every prayer through my lineage that was promised, every prophecy that was spoken to my mother and my grandmother even spoken unto me is now being manifested and fulfilled by the working of the Lord.

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